How to use

Step 1: Find products

You can search products

  • by category and sub-category,
  • by product name or
  • by company.

You can use each of these criteria alone or in combination. Products and companies can be found if you enter only parts of their name (example: ‘bio’ will find all products with the word ‘biological’).
Press the ‘Search’ button, and a list of all products matching the search criteria will be displayed.

Step 2: View product details

Click on the product in which you are interested, and the product details will be shown. The product details comprise:

  • in the first block: details on the product
  • in the second block: details on the validity of the listing
  • in the third block: details on the company

Step 3: Create a confirmation

At the bottom of the page, there are two buttons, with which you can create a confirmation of listing. The left button will create a confirmation for the selected product, while the right button will create a confirmation for all products listed under the name of the selected company.

Press the appropriate button, and you will obtain a confirmation of listing in PDF format. You can save this confirmation on your computer or print it out.